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Único SocialApp is the new Banco Único app that allows you to create a banking network through your smartphone. You can ask and lend money, split bills or do xitique with whomever you want. A bank as unique as your network of friends and family changes everything. Just have an account or prepaid card from Banco Único.
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Finance Free BANCO UNICO, SA iPhone, iPad, iPod

Único SocialApp. The bank of your network.

1) Split bills with your friends
Now splitting bills with friends is much easier! Simply set the amount to pay and select the friends who will split the bill with you, then once your friends accept your request, the money is automatically transferred to your account.

2) Are you out of money? Borrow from a friend!
Did you have an unexpected issue and ran out of money? No problem, ask for money from a friend in your network. To do this, simply choose the contact to whom you will borrow money, enter the amount you need and send the request. Once your request is accepted, the money you asked for will be transferred to your account.

3) Transfer money
Transfer money to friends in your network in a quick and simple way, without the need to enter the BIN or an account number.

4) Do xitique with your friends
Now saving is easier! Create your xitique with your friends, determine how much each one will contribute every month and this amount is automatically transferred to the Único account or associated prepaid card of the Xitique beneficiary that month.

Download the application to your Smartphone, accept the Terms and Conditions and register by entering a 4-digit PIN so that you can authenticate/login to the application.
Anyone can download this application, but to make transactions, it is necessary that you are Banco Único Client or a prepaid card user.


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