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Games Free Chris Guyler iPhone, iPad, iPod

◉ Multiplayer Online and Solo Crossword game
◉ Daily Crossword Game
◉ Zoom function for clues ( easy reading on iphones )
◉ Built in Web Help for those hard clues
◉ Use Anagrams to help
◉ Customise your colours
◉ Compete against everyone else to complete the crossword and get the highest points. BIG payouts for the winners.
◉ Clear Fonts even on iPhones
◉ Enjoy playing crosswords, at home, on the move, even on Holiday..
◉ All games are free, no purchases required.
◉ Thousands of words and clues , millions of crosswords, all for FREE.
◉ Great hint system to help you complete words.
◉ Can't guess the answer? , try an Anagram Hint
◉ Anyone can play. Great for playing on the train or even the beach..

Crosswords HD offers you the best in great, entertaining and challenging crossword puzzles .

Very clear clues, and game board.

Very intuitive interface.


Welove you 123


Ultimate XWord

Love this game but getting frustrated with it freezing and having to shut down. Please fix?????????

Love the puzzle!

I do have a problem when I’m finishing a puzzle. If I try to change screens, it just goes black and I can’t get it back. I have to completely leave the game then go back into it. If I go too soon, I still can’t get into it.

Does not open a game

Following the instructions in help, no game opened in any of the three places. Only a picture of flowers showed. This game is not working!

Best crossword!!!!

Love this app!! Easy enough to keep me hooked, yet challenging enough to keep it fun!

Greed hater too!

Love the game. Challenging yet not overly difficult. Many thanks for a fine app.

Cross me
Mit tin

My favorite crossword puzzle I do a crossword every day I have no problems with this app I like that you can watch an add and get letters to solve a word your having a problem with just an all around great crossword app I recommend everyone to get this crossword Thanks for a great app. wow!, Love the new look and choices great job Thank You for the good eye appeal


I love playing this crossword. I believe it helps with keeping my mind sharp. I play this game just about everyday. I have learned a lot! Great job creating this app. Thanks

Update stinks

Your new update is horrible. I can not adjust the colors and get it to keep the correct letters when solving a puzzle. Not thrilled about the selection of levels to play. All of the same complaints.

Bad update

June 26th Puzzle freezes and then shuts down. December 20th update didn't work. Screen with boathouse sits on loading and then app shuts down.

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