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Did you forget to program your DVR? Are you traveling and need to keep up with your favorite shows? Cast your worries aside, the TVOne app is here!
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Get the latest full episodes, behind the scenes content, movies and even some of our throwback series, when you download the TVOne app. Remember, you’ll need to log in using your TV Provider’s username and password. Once you log in, sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite shows and movies.

Take a look at our original programming line up and download the app to watch it:
- Bobbi Kristina
- When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story
- Fatal Attraction
- For My Man
- Rickey Smiley For Real
- The Manns
- Thou Shalt Not
- Unsung
- Unsung Hollywood
- And much more!

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Love/Hate Relationship
Akeisha Wright

I like the app cause I’m a fan of TVOne and was already aggravated with the website but when I want to watch for my man or fatal attraction the app won’t let me even though I’m signed in under Xfinity. What’s the point of having that when you can’t watch the shows you want I’m not sure what is going but the media needs to get it together and fix this

Love TV 1

I love being able to watch the shows that I miss thru the App. There were no glitches for me! Thank you TV1 for making it possible!

Need App on Firestick or Rocu

This network is too big to only have the app available for a phone or tablet. All apps are now available on the firestick and/ or Roku. The shows & movies are great but they need to get with the times and upgrade for tv viewing apps. Even the WE channel has a tv viewing app.

Pure Garbage - Can’t watch crap

I don’t understand why TVOne would wait so long to get an app out that practically doesn’t work. I mean every time I try to watch my favorite show, it freezes — what the heck. I hear sound, but no movement. Or I have movement and no sound. Such a disappointment. There is no ondemand option for the DirectvNow, so this is the only way that I can watch my shows. TVOne — you have got to do better.

Not compatible with Apple TV

Love TvOne and was excited to find out they finally have an app but sadly the app is not compatible with AppleTv. Fix this, please!!

Where is optimum?
Mrs Reigns

Love this tv channel!!!!!! BUT CANT SIGN IN BECAUSE TV PROVIDER ISN'T LISTED. Yay they finally have optimum

Terrible quality app

This app is terrible. It glitches, it plays shows with no sound, or it plays show with sound and no picture. I might as well wait for the program to come on and record it.


As big as this country is, how are you going to only offer 8 cable providers??.. Promptly deleting this app.

Very good entertaining

It delivers heartfelt entertaining for the whole family


I’m confused why do I need to add my tv provider to watch your programs on the go!! When I can just record and watch it at home. I used to enjoy using your online, but that was prior to me having to sign in.

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