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Tulum 3 (Form of Bagpipe)

The legendary application is back with many new features.
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Music Free Davut Engin iPhone, iPad, iPod

Short information for those who do not know the virtual tulum application: which is an authentic instrument belongs to the Black Sea region, offering a very close playing experience.

It is an application that can be used for educational purposes for those who want to learn to play Tulum or who want to improve themselve. Also there is lots of use experince on stage. :)

Briefly innovations:
- Closed Tulum feature, which many performers are eagerly awaiting, has been developed. Also, the number of closed holes can be adjusted.
-You can now use the sounds of tulum 1 and tulum 2.
- Now you can record your songs. You can see details of your recordings.
-The recordings can be made optionally with the metronome. There is currently adjustable metronome for 2/4, 5/8 and 7/8 rythms.


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