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Get more LIKES with the HOTTEST hashtags for Instagram!!!
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We hand curate the best hashtags lists for Instagram for you!

Simply choose a category, copy, and then paste in your Instagram photo. People will DISCOVER your photo via the hashtags and YOU will get more LIKES!

Instagram only allows 30 hashtags per photo. Best use is to publish your picture like normal and then immediately add your hashtags to a comment. Then multiple comments will bury your hashtags and you will have a clean looking picture with a ton of likes!

Hashtags really work. YOU can gain Instagram FOLLOWERS and you will certainly get many more likes than without any hashtags. Make sure you post good pictures and choose a category that actually relates to the picture for best practice.



I completely recommend this app. It delivers what it says it will and some. The content creators have amazing customer service that you can count on. It’s five stars from me.

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Wow this app was just what I needed! Thanks WickeyWare!

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When I’m posting a pic I can search a specific tag that I want related tags for and this app finds it every single time. I use more obscure tags to get a more tailored result often. This app is killer

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Love using this for my small business. Makes adding relevant hashtags to my post so much easier & saves a ton of time. Fantastic customer service as well. Highly recommend this app for personal & business use.

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Easy to use and saves so much time. Love this app!

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This is an awesome app that I recommend to anyone who wants their posts to be noticed more through hashtags!


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This App is great! User friendly and super handy! :)


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Love this app. Quick and easy.