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Treasure hunters - free match-3 gems puzzle game

Do you know the taste of adventures? Now you have an opportunity to start exciting match-3 journey to the seas and islands in search of jewel gems with our heroes! You will become the real treasure hunter who probably will have to fight with pirates and other enemies. Sea world could be really dangerous!
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To become the treasure hunter you must have the sharpest mind to be always on the alert. You need to keep ears open while mining the treasures or you’ll fall into the pirate’s trap!

It’s not so easy to resolve match-3 puzzles, but it is so exciting.

You will be in rapture of this game. Because this is the favorite genre – “Treasure hunters - free match-3 gems puzzle game”. The main point is to combine jewels-diamonds to make 3 or more similar gems in a row. Moreover, “Treasure hunters - free match-3 gems puzzle game” is free to play. Will you try?

You won’t pry yourself away from the game, because “Treasure hunters - free match-3 gems puzzle game” is:
- The most favorite “match-3” genre
- Everyone likes the adventures in the sea world and treasure hunt! Lots of interesting puzzles! And each 2 weeks there will be more!
- Don’t be afraid of any pirates! Master the difficulties making super combinations with gems!
- Lots of bonuses and daily offers will help you to improve your skill, solve all puzzles and collect all diamonds-jewels.
- You can play offline!
- It’s absolutely free match-3 game, but you can buy some additional moves or other game features.

There are too many diamonds and gems hunters in the sea world, so hurry up to play “Treasure hunters - free match-3 gems puzzle game”! The pirates lost no time. Go ahead for the treasures, adventures are waiting for you!
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Game is broken

Game won’t load and there is no way to report this except here. Alpha software developers, are you listening??

Game crash

I’ve been playing this game for several years. So far I’ve enjoyed it, until recently. On my last update the game started crashing as soon as I open it and I lost all progress- 2000 coins and level 2000 plus!!! Very unhappy!!!!!

Best jewel game ever made
jewel game fan

No other game is as fun and rewarding. I only wish I had more lives to play before needing to wait for more. Update-my favorite game crashes the moment I open it. I have unloaded/loaded the game, nothing fixes this issue. My only game for years will not open or load SO SO sad! Bring my game back?!

Scott blanch

Can’t use any of the power ups

Boo Hiss

Serious? Tried Level 12 20 times and can’t get past. Delete. Many other free games out there.

Treasure hunt


Great Game

This is really a fun game? I highly recommend it.

Treasures Hunter
Butterball Mom47

???great game to play and to get hooked on!

Treasure Hunters

Addicted to this game!!

Great game

Thanks ma. I installed and am enjoying this game