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Tomorrowmarkets is a game where youtubers’ followers and students will forecast the Bitcoin and world stock market indices every day.
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Participate with them and earn up to 5.500 €
Tomorrowmarkets is based on the power of Selective Collective Intelligence
Winner 3,000€. Just for participating, there is a raffle with five prizes valued at 500 euros
The game is very similar to the real financial market, making it an excellent option to learn and train.
The game is available for everybody over 18 years of age.
1st Edition
Start date: Sep 17, 2018.
Final date: Jan 25, 2019
Complete the registration form in the web page or directly log in through Facebook, Google y Twitter.
Log in the web page or in the App.
Click on the trading form (Bullish, Bearish or Out of market) and press GO.
Only one daily trade per market.
In My position you see your last opinion.
Trade in the markets you want, the days you want.
All trades are made at the closing price, regardless of the time you sent the trading form.
Trading times: Up to 5 minutes before the closing of the Stock Exchanges.
Holidays: Stock Exchange calendar.
Investment: 50,000 euros in each market
You can check the total ranking on internet and the market classification where you can analyse how the top 10 obtain their results
With all the participants opinions we built two indices: Towin (top 10) and Tow (all)
The Tomorrowmarkets indices are daily forecasting indices of financial markets. Towin is based on the power of Selective Collective Intelligence and Tow on the Collective Intelligence.
5 minutes before the market close appears in the sign (+,-,= )
+ Shows that the 55% of the participants thinks the market will rise tomorrow.
-Shows that the 55% of the participants thinks the market will decrease tomorrow.
= Shows that the participants do not have a clear opinion.
How do we build the indices?
If the participants succeed, that is, if 55% or more of the participants predict the index will go down or up and this is what the index really does, the Towin or Tow index will rise by the same amount the market goes up or goes down.
If the participants fail, the Towin or Tow index will fall the same as the market goes up or goes down.
The index measures the level of success of the participants in each market. Forecasting capacity do not exist below 100.
The evolution of these indices answer, in an effective way the question: Can the stock market be predicted, yes or no?
Our starting hypothesis is that the Towin index will be able to forecast the stock market and the Bitcoin with a frequency close to 60%.
If we are right, we will face something big, with an extraordinary potential, which does not exist anywhere in the world.


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