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Tomo is a block-type interactive game that focuses on everyday objects to help children learn while having fun!
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Education $0.99 that's iPhone, iPad, iPod

Not only does Tomo help children notice different everyday objects in their surroundings, but it also brings attention to the function and purpose of each of the objects. By playing Tomo's block game, your children will can gain items
that will aid in his/her learning as well as the actual game.


• Tomo is not just a game that you can play, it's an interactive learning game! Hear what Tomo has to say, interact with the blocks, and collect and learn the function of each item.
• Collect 50+ relatable items in each category. Touch each item and see/hear what they can do.
• Experience the different settings of day/night in Tomo.
• Friendly interface resembling children's toys and familiar surroundings.
• In Tomo world there are two spaces: A place where the items can be acquired (work space) and a place where the items can be used (resting space).
• Meet our jolly characters and get to know who they are.
• Accompanied by exciting music and sound effects, you will never get bored of playing the game.

Tomo project is under the way
- It will be launched and available for everyone very soon. Please wait a short while! :-)

Tomo Garage
Tomo Carnival
Tomo Seaport
Tomo Zoo

* Suitable for ages 3 – 7 (Parents can enjoy it too!)

About Thats Junior:

Thats Junior is an expert interactive game studio, and we make educational playing tools for kids.
Our goal is to create a learning environment for kids that is enjoyable and interactive rather than stressful and boring.
Thats Junior has won the following internationally regonised awards:

* Red Dot Design Award, Germany
* Art Directors Club, New York



Great education tools for children. I like developer's creativity and interactive animation. Each alphabet letter full of colors- I am sure those children will love it a lot.


Really boring "game" but I guess it can help kids with their English

Great app

Nice learning tool. It help those children in naming, spelling, and recognizing objects. I wonder developer can add on multi-language in future- mainly for naming object.


Nice, outstanding app. I suggest to add more features: need more scenes, more explanation regarding where to locate the objects, how to use it. I like the animated objects, they look awesome.

Random Person :|

Fun for a little while, but wears off. No lasting appeal.

Tomo House

Great activity app for the kiddies. Educational and pleasurable.

App to learn vocabulary

It is suitable for children to learn to spelling and pronunciation. However, i think there is still room to have more interaction to prevent children to get bored.


Wonderful activity for young minds. The kids really like this one. Colorful, graphical, and musical.

a good educational app for young kids

a good educational app for young kids. children can learn words such as "desk" and "chair" in this app with fun. however, I hope kids can also learn how to write these words within the app, but it doesn't help them with it.


Very fun app. I seem to play it a lot. Well worth the money.