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Download TinyFly Christmas 2014 - Xmas Flappy Racing - Multiplayer Birds Edition

TinyFly Christmas 2014 - Xmas Flappy Racing - Multiplayer Birds Edition

Start Challenging your friends in the Family Flappy Birds' Racing!
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Now support Multiplayer!!

[How to play]
- Tap screen to keep the bird flying
- Don't let the bird fall or hit the pipe
- Collect as many coins as possible
- Try to archive 4 medals

[Single Player mode]
- Tap Single Play to start your race in Single mode.

[2 Players mode]
- Active SPLIT mode to play with your friend HEAD TO HEAD. Amazing and Crazy!
- Tap on P vs P Play to start 2 Players mode and Start challenging your friends right inside the game.

* If you want to adjust the sound volume of the game, please make sure to TURN ON "CHANGE WITH BUTTONS" option in the settings of your iPhone or iPad. Settings > Sounds > Change with Buttons. With that option turned ON, you will be able to adjust the sound volume in the game.

** This game is inspired by the famous Flappy Bird game, but it is not Flappy Bird and is not affiliated with Flappy Bird's owner.


Cool game

Is a really fun games make more themes i like the new update.keep it up :)


It's basically multiplayer flappy bird. Very fun and addicting. Very easy to hack which makes it even more fun!!

Bad update
Candace Thompson

I loved the game until the most recent update :(

Flappy Bird is love. Flappy Bird is life.
Flappy Bird Exquisitor

This game is incredible. I've logged 98 hours is just 4 days. A great sequel to the original and is great for friends and playing with my cult Dirty Mike and the Boys.

Great but please add colors!

I love this game The 2 player feature is awesome Could you make it so you can choose the color bird first and second player are? Thank you

This game

Is very fun a little bit hard and I hope u enjoy it

Good game
Moooooooo man

I really love this game just add online multiplayer.

Aporte de todas las apps

Is hard but is really really good you can play whith your friends or your self

Great game!!!

I think this game rocks. Am I the only one who's game lagged and points rapidly went up? Or did the people who make this troll us...

Tiny fly

This game is very hard and the pipes are way to small and it's frustrating. In order for this game to be good is for them to make the pipes bigger