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Whether your an individual or a business, TTN streamlines collecting your time, and your employees time.
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Business Free Paul Keen iPhone, iPad, iPod

Configure settings on behalf of employees so they can simply enter there time.

TTN Features
• Multiple entries (shifts) per day.
• Weekly, biweekly, monthly reports.
• Enter time as start/finish times or as durations.
• Clock in/out.
• Option to check in location.
• Two security levels for admin and general users.
• Automatically turn time into invoices.
• Basic financials ($ In/ $out)
• Access TTN anytime, anywhere.
• View and report on all employee time.
• Simple and intuitive user experience.

and more..

Ideal for collecting Patient visit notes.
**For the HIPAA compliant version of TTN please contact us**

• Time sheet report showing all work for the selected date range.
• Client sign off report with dual sign off.
• Bring hours that haven’t been billed into an invoice in a single tap. Simply review and email.
• Web reporting tool for premium licenses.

TTN is free to use for 30 days. We want you to experience first hand how practical our app is and why you need it to track your time. Then if you want to continue to use it, you can purchase the full version. With just a few dollars, you can use this neat time sheeting app that will make your work life much easier.

Three license type are available:
TTN allows multiple users to enter and submit time worked. All time can be collected and viewed by your administrator.

Employees can submit time anytime, anywhere.
Your 'Administrator' user can view and approve all your employees time as well as generate reports from a large portfolio of templates.

The Admin user can create new users, projects and clients which are ready for your staff to book time against.

Includes web reporting tool to further analyse data.

This is for individuals who only need to track there own time. Time cannot be shared between users with this license.
Includes web reporting tool to further analyse data.

No Access to web reporting tool.


Makes Tracking Easier
Home Health User

We are using the app to track home health services provided to our clients and it works great. The app is a welcome change from the paper process we previously had in place. The app eliminates having to read challenging handwriting and it improves visit note (timesheet) accuracy because it it easy to see the total time for a client's visits and it tallies the hours for the week. On top of being a great app, there is also excellent and very timely support from the developer if you have questions or run into issues. Our users are liking it ....

pilot car 2013

Using it for personal use to keep track of hours and miles for billing to owner works great different hours , different pay all set no remembering what each one is , clients list , project list all helps just tap and your done . Great program !