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For football fans, supporters and ultras, create your team’s mosaic, choreography or tifo!
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Games Free TTG TIFOS CLUB SL iPhone, iPad, iPod

Show your originality to cheer your favourite football club or national team and become the best football fan, supporter or ultra!

You can select and edit your fans and dress them with different garments such as shirts, hats, scarves, sunglasses and jackets. You can edit the garments with the colours of your group of fans, supporters or ultras, club or national team!

Give your fans the best stand materials such as flares, cards, scarves and flags! There are different models and you can edit them with your favourite team’s colours!

Create your banners with the name and colours of your group of fans, supporters or ultras, or your favourite football team! You can also cheer your favourite players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar by dedicating a banner to them! You can also share the banner through the game!

When you have your football stand ready, press play and enjoy the best animation that a fan, supporter or ultra can offer to his favourite team!

Support your club in the best football competitions! Create the best tifos for the Champions League, the best mosaics for the Copa Libertadores, the best choreographies for the Europa League and compete to be the best fan!

Get ready for the World Cup, the Euro Cup, the Copa America or the Africa Cup of Nations and create the best mosaic, choreography or tifo to support your national team!

Prove you’re the best fan, supporter or ultra! Download this great app now and show all your friends what you can do for your favourite team!

Football without fans, supporters and ultras is nothing!


Excellent but need some fixes

Excellent concept! However , can’t send video . When you send it , the receiver only get a picture . Please fix it, otherwise it’s great.


Mentalita ultra U.F.B10 Per sempre

Great game

I've been looking for something like this for a long time and finally found it. Fantastic game. A few things that would make it better: 1. Be able to add chants for the supporters to sing while watching the tifo 2. Be able to design a banner and unfurl it over the crowd 3. Be able to change the smoke/flare color with the pyro banner 4. Add another stadium with a much bigger section to have massive displays