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Tiffany Alvord’s first official game! Live a life of music, glamor, and endless fashion choices! Look fabulous, sound great, meet interesting new people, and put on a stellar show in! The YouTube sensation comes to your mobile device like never before!
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Games Free Complete Star HK Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

Musician extraordinaire Tiffany Alvord knows what it takes to become a superstar. Tiffany’s advice on the ups and downs of the music business will be essential to your rise to stardom. With her model’s fashion sense, charm, soulful performances, and enthralling vocals, Tiffany Alvord will guide you to become the superstar you’ve always dreamed of being.

Let Tiffany help you turn your fantasy of fame and success into reality! Your avatar will perform on stage, dress up in the most stylish clothes, interact with fellow stars, recruit members for your band, and pose for photo shoots in your very own studio! But that’s just the beginning; there are a lot more cool jobs to do, new people to meet, awards to win, and fun mini-games to play!

Even someone with as much talent as Tiffany had to start somewhere, and it will take just as much hard work until your first breakthrough. Don’t hesitate—your dazzling debut awaits and Tiffany Alvord will show you the way!

- Fully customizable avatar and wardrobe
- Countless possible outfit combinations
- A soundtrack of songs by Tiffany Alvord!
- Train your character as a singer, an actress, or a model
- Interact and befriend potential band members
- Earn money to spend on fabulous clothes
- Participate in a lot of other activities and mini-games
- Perform on stage like Tiffany Alvord, and much more!

** Please note that while the app is free, please be aware that it contains paid content for real money that can be purchased upon users' wish to enhance their gaming experience. **


Needs improvement
Gaps there

Well the app needs updating and make it a online game but for now it's ok


Please update the game it doesn't work


Not only does Tiffany Alvord have an amazing YouTube channel, but for free this game is awesome! So many customizable options and it plays like something you would pay for. If you're a Tiffantic this app is a MUST have.

María Belem

Love it

Best but It's Crashing Always

OMG! I really love this app! Tiffany's music were so cool! it really matches with the app! but sometimes it's always force closing that my game is already been interrupted. BTW the best app ever. Please fix bug for a 5 star rate


Tiffany alvord is a amazing singer and songwriter and inspiration to me and I'm extremely proud of her and Proud to stand by tiff. This app is well made, and I remember last year I was obsessed with star girl and I still love it and this is like, a tiffany version of it created by the same people. AMAZING AF. Although, it does crash a lot. But it's a new app, first version, just a bug. Probably will be fixed ASAP. This app is like amazing for the most part other then the crashing. Not perfect or flawless, but it is already getting there. Tiffany's music fits perfectly, I find myself jamming while playing. I love this app to sheds. And I love that they changed "boyfriends" to "band mates." Boyfriends was saying your avatar was cheating on 123556594993 guys and using them for gifts. Now, it's band mates and it's like connections which is how you get into the business. And you help each other out. I just love that that's different. I'm off track but I love this app so much. It's so fun, and even more that tiffany is behind it. I do wonder how much she was really involved with the process though. Anyways amazing app!! Love it and I love tiff! #TeamTiffany??

Crazy perps

I don't know why everybody's so obsessed with her I mean there's better singers out there than her I mean sure she's pretty and has a great voice but she's a loser and I don't like this game at all it's the same exact thing as star girls but there's a different name!!!i give this game 1 star.sorry.

Fun game!

This game is really fun :)

Braiden Thorpe

Nice job Tiffany I love it!! You're such a hard worker and it's totally paying off! ❤️

Can't get into it

It won't even show up any progress only crashes after being in the app for a few seconds. Looks like a good game, wish I could experience it.