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[Background] Three Kingdoms Saga tells the story of the Eastern Han Dynasty where social unrest and peasant uprisings emerged. Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan fought through a series of battles. Their strengths gradually increased to form the Three Kingdoms in China.Relive almost all the famous battles during that period. Play the role of Zhuge Lian in Shu, arrange and give orders to soldiers and military commanders alike. Use mysterious skills and the power of nature to lead your army to victory!
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1. New interesting way: The game is divided into adventure mode, mini game mode, survival mode and nightmare mode, the player should give full play to their arranged intellectual formation, but also can use the skills attack the enemy defense.

2. Rich historical story: every battle in the game are from the true historical story, the story is reasonable, so you play the game ,while learned history and culture.

3. Gorgeous magic props and skills systems: wind, rain, thunder and electricity magic power of four gorgeous weather system combined with the ultimate mystery of the four kinds of skills, with a strong visual impact and the effect fantastic.

4. Rich points system: 3 different difficulty level design, adventure mode is easy, survival mode is normal, nightmare mode is super difficult, there must be something for you.

5. Exploits evaluation system: According to you in the game's combat situations, the results are not the same every time, good players will be awarded the Medal of Honor.

6. Achievement System: Combine OpenFeint, which allows you share your achievement and high score with friends. Set in game preference. And players will get series of achievement while they are playing, which brings players sense of accomplishment.

* Upgrade to Pro version to unlock 4 extra chapters and remove advertisements !


My best game.

This game has to be number 1 Because its my best game.

Ohhhh yeahhh
William Sessions

It's fun and easy


It's like plant vs. Zombies but with dynasty worriors in it.truly amazing

Don't bother - not free
Side show bobble

None of the game modes appear to work unless you "buy the pro version."

Waste of time

Not playable unless purchased.

Not free

You can't do anything with the game unless you pay for the pro version.


It's basically the same thing as Plants vs. Zombies. I thought it was fun. The only thing is, you only get a few levels of you do not buy the pro version...which stinks.


I liked this game so much I bought it and then just now when I was in chapter 6, all my memory was erased. Good going...


It was great then I got to chapter 4 and it said I needed to by the rest of the levels and I did but it didn't do anything so that's $0.99 wasted