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ThinPrint Mobile Print allows you to print directly to AirPrint printers from remote sessions and virtual desktops. Forget the workarounds you created and now print easily straight from your iPhone and iPad. And with push notifications, printing has finally become the intuitive and quick process you want it to be.
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ThinPrint is the leading print management software for reliable and fast printing in virtual and remote desktops. More than 10,000 enterprise customers and service providers in all industries and across all continents rely daily on ThinPrint meeting their printing needs.


• Convenient printing from remote sessions and virtual desktops from your iPad or iPhone

• Get notified when new print jobs are available for your AirPrint printers without even leaving your session.

• Support for Microsoft Remote Desktop, Citrix Receiver, VMware Horizon Client, Jump Desktop, Pocket Cloud, 2X RDP Client, Splashtop Remote Desktop, LogMeIn, Remoter VNC, and many more.

• Supports any common remote desktop protocol and virtualization technology like Microsoft HVD/VDI, RemoteFX, Citrix ICA/HDX, XenDesktop/XenApp, VMware PCoIP, VNC, and many more.

NOTE: We recommend allowing push notifications to ensure the best user experience.


Home users cant use this
Not like web/PC

I do not have a corporate administrator. How do I go about setting up this app. I have 2 apple iPads an Iphone and a windows 10 machine with printer at a different location. My wife has two apple computers one with a printer, 2 iphones and an Ipad. We shares two wireless printers.

Confusing and odd custom support

We are trying to figure out how to set this up to print locally in Remote Desktop sessions and I’m not getting clear assistance. I will change my rating if I can get the proper assistance.

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