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Teddy Bear Maker - Sports Edition

The Best Present for your adorable children!
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Let’s cut, sew, make and take photos with your very own playful, cuddly Teddy Bear!
Teddy Bear Maker provides valuable time for your family, children and YOU♥

★ Simple and easy to make it for Kids! ★
Let’s try together!

Step 1. 15 different patterns are ready in the Teddy Bear Maker. Pick one pattern you like.

Step 2. Cut and sew the Teddy Bear pattern, and fill the cotton inside, then you will have a normal bear doll.

Step 3. Time to make it your own! Teddy Bear Maker has 70 different costumes and more than 100 accessories and 30 props for you.

Tada! You could make more than 1million unique style Teddies! Amazing, isn’t it?☆

Step 4. Beautifully decorate your Teddy Bear and give her(him) a name! Now you completed to make your own Teddy Bear.

Step 5. Make a good memory with your Teddy. Play and take photos with her(him).

★ Bonus!! ★

Are you ready to brag your lovely Teddy to your friends?
- You can post the photos with Teddy on facebook or send it by email.
- One more! Join the Teddy Bear Maker AWARDS!

If you have wishes for Teddy Bear Maker, Please leave a review or email us!
Your wishes may come true♪

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What a cute bears!!!!

I love those teddy bears with London Olympic!

Oh my God~~~!!!

Soooooooooooo Cute~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do You love teddy bears? This is awesome!!

Great Apple

Let's make cute teddy bear with olympic costume!

Thank you~

It's great! Thank you for the excellent app. :)

So cute!!!
Somewhat gracious

Olympic theme is so great! Cute and adorable:)


런던올림픽 기념으로 한층 더 귀여운 아이템들이 생겼네요 ㅋㅋ


It's good but it needs gymnastics

Do not get

Please do not get this app. I spent money for a bear and now the arm is way to big. After all it was hard work to get all that money in there. This is a stink bomb app owners please update the app. But otherwise it is super fun thanks! But I must say there are a few other bugs. First of all I know it is fun being with teddy bears and all but the teddy bears aren't real I mean you should at least get to print then out on the computer, or transfer them into life. I now that would not happen but that is a huge wish of mine. If you think this is a good app try it but if you get the rainbow bear please report the same thing. Thank you great app otherwise but if you get the rainbow bear and pay for it I am warning you thank you great app otherwise

Super fun! and Super cute!

I like this app a lot :) New Teddy bears are really adorable~ This app is a new version of teddy bear maker. Yay~ I made some teddys for this London Olympic !! Everyone should get this app:) you can count on me !!

A bug or something

I bought the rainbow bear on my iPhone 4 with coins and it's defective. 1 arm is way bigger than the other. My younger sister also bought it and it was still defective. She said it was a rip off. I would really appreciate if you tried to fix it. Thanks, Kailey