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Entertainment Free ZAPPALLAS, INC. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Fixed a bug that forced the application to crash if the application wasn't reinstalled when updating from version 3.3 to 3.4.
Saved data will still be usable after this version update.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
We ask for your kind understanding.

Apps for the iPhone appears from Zappallas dealing with a lot of mobile fortune-telling sites in Japan !!
The first is tarots fortune-telling application.

■ The amazing point 1
"Enjoy full-scale tarots fortune-telling"
The fortune-telling of the computer will be a random number after all...Don't you think so? The application of Zappallas wrestling with fortune-telling seriously is not a thing only as for showing it by a result. It is full-scale tarots fortune-telling got a divine message from in a procedure same as real tarot. Without a place widening the cards, or even if you have no cards, you can enjoy tarots fortune-telling anywhere anytime.

■ The amazing point 2
"Enjoy easy and simple operation"
It does not need the complicated, incomprehensible operation. Touch the cards of the screen directly ,mix them and choose. That's it.You may shake the device in top and bottom and right and left or may mix the cards on a screen with a direct finger.You may stir it to the full while praying for what you want to know or it will be good to mix it by a blow game quickly. Anyone can operate it easily.

■ The amazing point 3
"Even a beginner can enjoy it in peace"
You can know the commentaries such as the meaning of the row of cards or the meaning of card oneself on the spot.It is got a divine message in peace even if you are a real inexperienced person and, also get possible to read a card while you repeat it.
It's most suitable for an introduction to tarots.

■ The amazing point 4
"The beautiful graphic which directs fortune-telling"
Create a card set in complete 3D graphic by OpenGL..Even if a card is flat, I don't do a slipshod job.Because I pursued presence of the tarots which is the leading role of this fortune-telling, there is a sense of reality as if it really opened a card.

A beautiful card dances in your hand and directs the world of mysterious fortune-telling.

This application that has a high quality and genuine intention is absolutely free.Please fully enjoy it.

Caution: Don't update the app if you use the device on which iOS version up to and including 4.2 runs, because our new version 2.1 which is fully compatible iOS 6 doesn't run on iOS 4.2 or less.
If you update the app on the iOS 4.2 device, you never play our app anymore if you don't have a backup of the earlier version on iTunes or iCloud.

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This was my favorite App, now I can't even open it even after reinstalling it & losing all my data.

Suspiciously accurate

Obviously, don't bet your life on an app...but this is creepily accurate. Doesn't have any gimmick buys either. There's only spread but it's plenty to keep you entertained and I promise you'll be impressed with the results.

Obama's 'Not Bad' face

I don't think this stuff is real but when I tried it was so accurate that it was almost creepy. Not bad, not bad at all.

Amazingly accurate!!!!!

I closed my eyes and chose a couple cards well 4 and they were all right basicly i have a bright future ahead of me which makes me excited i have school in a couple days :) blessed be )O(


So accurate and really good told me what i needed to know

love it!
Olive Sonnys

this probably my favorite app that I have! I'm learning go read tarot and the spreads are pretty accurate!


ALWAYS right on point. Love this app.


I love this app! I've been a tarot reader for 20 years and this app gives me a run for my money. BTW, totally free! AWESOME!!? I just downloaded it and did a reading. I was amazed that the philosophy is similar to my own. The interpretations are on point! The graphics are spectacular! ⚠One oversight though, on the Chariot card in the normal position, there is a misspelling. It reads, "ou can achieve ..." I think you're missing a "Y" I tried to forward this to the developer's website but I don't read Japanese. ☺ 5⭐'s nonetheless! Keep up the good work and add a few more layouts.

Ms. Nemo

I did my first reading this morning and it stated all of my current problems and confusions!!! Freaky!!!

Beautiful Graphics, Horrible Interpretations

I am both a graphic artist and a Tarot reader. The design and functionality of the app is superb! Rating it just on how the app itself works: it would be 5 stars. Rating the interpretations for the Tarot cards, and other directions within the app: I have to give it 2 stars. I read Tarot professionally and I was confused by the interpretations they gave in broken English. It is a Majors only app, as well. Find another Tarot reading app.

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