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From the makers of the hit iPhone app "Tarot" comes "Tarot Pro." This has nearly EVERYTHING you need to do professional Tarot readings. Now, in version 6.0, you can switch between a gorgeous renderings of the Rider-Waite Deck and the the Marseilles Deck, both decks in high-resolution Retina display, and compatible with the new iPhone.
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Entertainment Free Dzianis Azarenka iPhone, iPad, iPod

* Ten Insightful Spreads to choose from, including the classic Celtic Cross.
* 78 full-sized iPhone-ready card from the classic Rider-Waite Deck.
* 78 full-sized iPhone-ready card from the classic Marseilles Deck.
* Enter questions and save spreads like a journal
* Unique "Deck Spinning" feature
* Brand new layout and professional graphics.
* 78 new card meanings (both normal and reversed).
* You can now turn on and off card meanings.
* Handy Card Index.

Tarot is for entertainment only.

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DON'T UPDATE, they didn't change a thing except added ADs.
Five O

DON'T update they didn't change a thing except annoying ADs that pop up fill the screen, have to search for the x symbol to get rid of them before card spread shows up. This app was used daily. Watch in app purchases will show up to get rid of ads, they know most people would gladly pay for NO ADS. Been using this for years, best app at the time. Doesn't work with iOS10 update. Should have known it would eventually stop. Hope it's fixed soon, doubt it, hasn't been updated since 2012. Let's ask the cards? Can't doesn't work. It was a good long run.

Good program

Loved it when it was add free and have used it for years.

Easy to use

Fun and useful thanks! I enjoy and understand this tarot app:) I paid for this app Tarot Pro this download does not recognize as a already paid customer. Its breaks your paid status returns original state. Good luck.

Michael Asanawe

I originally paid for this app and after updating it, I now have to pay monthly or yearly just to be ad free. That’s so disrespectful and disappointing considering I would have NEVER updated this app had I know. Shady business practices! Why would I want to pay monthly for some new wallpapers? Way to milk a tired cow. This is just pathetic. “Improved algorithms” my bum! You definitely lost me on that one! This app wasn’t that good anyways.

Suddenly there are ads in the middle of the readings?
pushed me away with ads

I loved this app, but suddenly, without warning, ads pop up in the middle of every reading unless I subscribe. Very uncool not to tell people before you made the change. It was fun while it lasted, but I guess this is where we part ways.

?Pagar, pagar, pagar,...

Repito: pagar, pagar, pagar,..... ??????????

No added value

I have been using this app daily for years. I bought it; I think it was $10-about half the price of a physical deck which I think is reasonable for virtual content. It was super convenient to just use the app rather than carry a deck around with me. I’ve been reading tarot for 25 years and used the app to pull cards when I needed them. Now, there are advertisements where there were none before and I’m being forced to buy a subscription if I want to use the app the way I have used it for years. I thought that was what I already bought. This isn’t the first time a one time payment app decided it needed a subscription to strangle more money out of its long-time users. And what is the added value? To get rid of ads that weren’t there to begin with? It’s amazing how an app can go from great and recommended to deleted overnight.

Ads, added after all these years
Glider Bee

Bought years ago. Now ads. Every time you pull card or do reading, ads. Don’t get this app. I Deleted the app now. What’s the point. Tarot pro should have done a card pull before this bad decision.

Suddenly AD ? For paid App?

I purchased this app king time ago And it was my favorite PAID app.(yes I paid for it! There is a free version too) But recently this developer got really greedy , the add AD and to remove thier add need to subscribe this for $10 a month.. I delete because of annoying AD pop up. And I don’t want to pay $20 a month, please refund me money that I paid for this app !

Ridiculous Ads for a Purchased App

I have been using this for years after PURCHASING the full version. Why are there constant pop up ads now? How annoying and frustrating. Get rid of the ads that I shouldn’t have to see on a paid version and you’ll get the 5 stars back that this app would ordinarily deserve.

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