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Companion app for the MTG Deck Builder website
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Just use the website

The apps says “deck builder” but you can’t. Lame

If you have an iPhone it’s worthless

I love the idea and the app but I can’t even build or edit my decks or even look at them it’s completely useless to me with an iPhone. My boyfriend downloaded the same app but with android and he got to build his decks and look at them. If you have iPhone it’s worthless don’t download it.


How is there such limited functionality? Why can’t I make a deck on this app? Until I can do that why would I give you more than one star? It doesn’t even work!

Excellent Start

This is a clean, polished start to what is (hopefully) going to be a valuable companion app to the already great website. Keep up the good work!

Good start

Good start looking forward to more features later.

No social media login
The Ultimate American

I would like use this app, but I usually connect using my Facebook account. If there was a way to update this so that others can do that?


TappedOut is a great site for deck building, play testing, and reviewing / ranking other decks. Plus great forums. This app does none of these things. Deck cycling. That's all it does. Useless.

A total lie

This is not a deck building app. This a garbage gimmick so you can "cycle" your deck remotely. If you change the name fine, if you add deck building functionality awesome but until then I am leaving this review up. Seriously I love the website and was so excited when I saw the app and then to see such an abysmal piece of trash with your name attached was like a slap in the face. Please give me a reason to remove this review or give you more stars.

Not because it isn't good but it definitely isn't the site.

It's just a cycling app. Which is fine but it's not nearly as powerful and convenient as the website.

Why is it one feature?

I love tappedout and i use there website to build decks. When i saw they had an app i was happy. Then i downloaded it and now know why i have never heard of it. It does NOTHING literally nothing for me i want to update decks and show people lists and this os what we get disappointing.