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Tank Battle - 1990 World Of Tanks

Block Tank Battle is an military and action game requiring lots of strategy from players.
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Join in the Block Tank Battle, you drive the modern Tank in all battlefield and knockdown all things in the enemy’s base. Defeat the enemy, destroy its blocks, wall and all other structures.
Your Tank has 3 lives, each time you loses one, revived life is stronger.
Using your smart strategy to move around the battlefield, find the enemies and shoot it. With any car shooting, pick up an item to upgrade your skills and continue the Tank Battle.

How to play?
– Use the steering wheel on the left to direct the tank.
– Use the button on the right to shoot the enemies.
– Drill the wall and destroy the brick blocks to open new roads. Move under the green tiles and cover the white road markings. But the stone blocks is unbeatable base.

- Scientific arranged map, 6X2 types of helicopter in the World of tank, 1 car item.
- 20 levels, 20 maps.
- Tank war sounds: intense, exciting.


Great! Remind me of old day with one thing missing
Marie from Myanmar

I want to connect with another player and play as 2 players that we used to play when we were children. Please let me know how to link with other players and play together.

Kind of Boring
Why did I lose my ship

This game boring.I know it's new but it would be nice if there were balanced teams and different looks to supplies trucks.This game is ok and I bet it has a bright future.