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Tablanet or Tablić is a popular fishing-style game in a wide area of the Balkans. The aim is to capture cards from a layout on the table, by playing a card from hand which matches in number a table card or the sum of several table cards. The origin of the game is from Macedonia. The name of the game is also sometimes spelt "Tablanette".
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The game is played with a full deck of 52 cards. Every player gets 6 cards, and 4 cards are put open on the table. Every player can use one card from his hand, and match it with in points one or more cards on the table. The value of the cards is:
- ace is one or eleven
- 1-10 equals number on the card
- jack is twelve
- queen is thirteen
- king is fourteen

When a player can not take any card from the table, he plays one of the cards from his hand onto the table, so others can use it to make a combination.

When all six cards are played, all players will receive six more cards (or as many as there is left), until all cards from the stock are played. The player that made the last combination, will get any remaining cards from the table.

In the end, every 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace equals one point. The 10 of diamonds is two points, and the two of clubs equals one point. All other 2-9 cards do not have points. The player that has the most cards, will get three extra points. In total there are 25 points in one round. The goal is to reach as first over 100 points in total.

When a player manages to play all cards from the table, so the table is empty, he will get a tabla, one extra point.

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