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Sweet Dates: Romance & LTRs is free iOS app published by Down, Inc.

My Review


I give this site 5 golden stars It's really very cool , love it

Simple yet elegant fancy yet understated

Hip-hop thugster

Who knows



Nice app

I'm doing this five star review


Because it gives you more matches. Lol so far it's weak.


Peter a.k.a. Kong

This dating app is great! Need I say more.

Pretty simple


This app is easy to use




For the vine


This app has changed my perception on peanutbutter

An odd find....


So far the app seems okay. I haven't much time to play around on it but the interface is clean and simple. I don't like that you can online take photos from Facebook or Instagram and not straight from your camera roll. The odd find that I came across however was that between this company's two dating apps (down dating and sweet dating), the exact same girls came up in the exact same order between the two desperate apps. Now it seems to me that something fishy is going on because the chances that all of the exact same girls signed up for both apps and were also put in the same order in both apps seem really odd. I will definitely be wary of whether or not this app is showing me real people from here on in. I don't think, at this point, I will have this app any farther than the 7 day trial. Unless I am able to connect to a real girl I definitely will cancel my subscription.

It's not bad


I'd use it

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