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We asked thousands of app users a number of fun questions. Can you figure out the most popular responses? The answers might surprise you.
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This game is fun and addicting. can get challenging. I like it. Its different.

Super easy
Peggys ipad

Played through the first free level, tons of adds. To continue to the second level I had to pay. I deleted the game

Love this game
Tall style

I wish they where better ways to get more gems looking forward to update and improvements

Lots of fun

This game is similar to Family Feud. Challenging, at times but sometimes way too easy.


Loved it while it lasted. Solved them all but now no use for it sorry to say, but loved app while I had it.

Me riri

This game is AMAZING!!! I've already played the entire game like five times!!! It's a great time killer for road trips or any time you "need to escape". It had funny answers, questions to make you think, and a fun way to make you and your friends guess. I LOVE this game and I can guarantee you will too

Awesome game

Game is addictive, but really enjoyable. Must download and play.

Just the right challenge without typing!

Entertaining for hours. Perfect for both young and seniors. Simple to understand, but challenging every minute.



Great Word Puzzler
raven 19

Great game, has been tons of fun, love the latest update.

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