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Superheroes Chibi Coloring

Welcome to a magical school of colorful cartoon superheroes in SuperHeroes Chibi Coloring. Our dear friend, you will find heroes from all your favorite cartoons in this top coloring game. Page by page you'll become a master expert in painting and creating a magical world of superheroes with super power.
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Superheroes were kids too. Can you imagine it? They also dreamed about heroes sagas, where they crush bad guys, about their ultimate team, that fight against criminals from the cradle. Follow them to this fantasy world, which is special kid zone kingdom and all characters here are still little kids, but have brave hearts.

Sensational, splashy … boom!

Kids can learn about painting and develop their creativity. This is the best way to learn how to draw pictures and make them bright and colorful. You can undo and redo your images. Most popular and you favorite heroes will help to concentrate attention on this activity. Use bright colored pencil and brush tool which you will find in toolbar. Splash different colors on your pictures. Put your magic and let the colors shine in this adventures. The best kids doodle game is waiting for you! Tap the screen and have fun.

Features of the SuperHeroes Chibi Coloring:

Cute characters - you can make them alive with your brush;
Brushes of all sizes - omit no essential details;
Palette of all colors - the more colors you use the better;
Camera - save your drawing and share them with your friends, show to everyone how create real artist.

Unleash your talent in painting. The game will be loved by boys and girls. Here you have a big choice of doodle characters. Enjoy this addictive SuperHeroes Chibi Coloring game and spend the time funny and entertaining!


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