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You're a regular fly with a secret Super Power! Upgrade your physical abilities and buy weapons and equipment as you battle waves of enemies that want to eat you for lunch!
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Games Free Berzerker Games LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Some reviews from our users:

"The controls are smooooth!!! I'm talking smooth as the top shooters like minisquadron pew pew and meteor blitz. This adds to the replayability because you can work on your game skill with responsive controls."

"I have to admit when he eats three poops and becomes muscle bounds, that was worth the .99 right there."

"Ok. This is indeed an exception. Easily my favorite survival-type game, and I knew it after about 30 seconds of play. Good call guys."


I got
i r the egg man

The reg. Verso. On this game and I paid for it when you had to, I also bought the 2 levels. Will they be free for me I. This game or will I have to repurchase them? Update: no it charged me again but oh well for hd and retina with a uni app for a sale price both for 99 cents why not support a good company and one of my fav games.

Fun, but Limited Replayability

I spent most of the day today playing this game. It is fun and easy to pick up and play. The problem is that I don't think that I will still be playing this game next week.


This is the best game I've ever played.

Best Game!!!!!

Very fun and addicitnggames, but needs more weapons and shields. Need to be able to have more than one gun at a time and more bosses

Worst game ever!!!

You that say you like it LIE!!!


Are all these people reviewing this app speech impaired?

Worst game

Worst game I ever played, IMHO


This game is fun, addicting, and stupid. Still guess I'm gonna buy the other two stages...sigh...shame on myself!!!


Gets old after 9 minutes. Deleted.


I play it all day. It needs more free levels

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