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Download Suicide Squad Jail Break Ops - Island and Mountain Sniper 3D Shootout Missions in Deadly Prison Riot

Suicide Squad Jail Break Ops - Island and Mountain Sniper 3D Shootout Missions in Deadly Prison Riot

Cell 55 is one the most dangerous and unforgiving prison of all time. Located in the heart of a desert, it is considered one of the most secure containment, where any prison escape attempt has failed before. The mafia criminal rivals have now joined hands to try the ultimate jail break and it is your job as the sniper guard to thwart this prison escape plan.
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Get your guns ready for an uphill battle as the jail sniper guard, with the sole purpose to take out the mafia bosses before they can make their escape from jail. In 4 intense levels of FPS shooter gameplay, your job is to eliminate the bosses, as their gang members make an attempt to take you out and make the prison escape successful.


- Level based FPS free roam sniper shooter
- Run and gun down prison criminals in 4 levels
- Detailed FPS free roam shooting controls
- Use various weapons throughout the prison environment

The mafia bosses are the greatest villains alive. Now the Jail Sniper Guard has is duty bound to eliminate them before they escape.



The pictures says that the game has "high graphics" but it does not have good graphics. Not to mention that it is Low-quality too.

Don’t wast your time

This game is not the one I looked at this is why I barely download games

Just don’t

It is not what I wanted to play this isn’t WW2 ps. Bad graphics and don’t hold the gun right so just don’t

Don’t try

The characters are so lazily designed, it does not look the same in the AppStore and when you download it it has the worst graphics I have ever seen

Same level every time
bamboo eata

They don’t change the level at all. The only thing that is different is the amount of poorly made prison guards. The game doesn’t make any sense, how does a prisoner get a sniper rifle. The prisoners have EXTREME LAG. Worst graphics I’ve ever seen In my life.

Best game ever

I actually really love this game. It is very detailed and always changes and adds new things. I would love for everybody to download this game.

Don’t waste your time on this horrible game
Potatoes or cool

The pictures say “HIGH GRAPHICS” It’s all fake the game is horrible don’t waste your time on this.

Rip off and lazy

The game was supposed to be about suicide squad but instead I got this horrible game! You don’t even try to change the levels. The gun always reloads to which makes it harder to shoot the guards! I don’t ever want to see games like this agian!

My D I C

bruh moment

Worst game ever

It’s a rip off don’t even include the suicide squad it has to worst graphics and touch controls I would give it no stars if possible

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