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If you'll start this game,You could not stop playing!
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"SUE-PANI " is Puzzle Game that you let fall and add three numbers and erase blocks.

[Game Description]
To manipulate falling blocks,so that the sum of the numbers drawn in three blocks is '15'.
When the lower block is gone, blocks stacked on top.
If the sum of three numbers on stacked Blocks is '15 ' ,blocks will be erased again.
If you aim for high scores, "Combo" please more and more targeted.
Game will be over,if blocks will go up to the top.

[Panic Mode]
Usually ,Blocks is erased when the sum of three numbers is '15',
but this mode varies the sum to '11'-'17'.
You need softness and cool head.
'Panic mode' can cause a very large 'Combo' and unexpected good luck!

[Operating Instructions]
slide left:blocks move to left.
slide right:blocks move to right.
flick down:blocks drop down.
touch screen:blocks rotate.

[Start Block]
When blocks are erased and be gathered at top, 'Star Block' will appear.
Block numbers are calculated without 'Star Block'
'Star Block' erases the eight blocks around it in case of a position adjacent to erased blocks.
Star Blocks could be chained.
Please aim high score!


Sue-Pani is a 10!

For the third time in June, I downloaded a game that is devoted entirely to numbers, and agreed to keep it! This one is called Sue-Pani, which I believe was released originally about two weeks ago. After thinking about it for about two weeks, I purchased the new-est numbers game at my girlfriend's apartment on Sunday, June 26th, and started to play Sue-Pani which does look like Bejweled, but uses numbers in the falling jewels, which originally was 1 to 9, but may have forgotten that the digit 0 was included, too! You can play this game with or without zeros, but I prefer the 0 because there has been exactly ten digits for about a half-millennium! So as a result of playing this great game, which also includes spinning stars that can earn you more points where applicable, Sue-Pani would be a rating of 10 if it was higher than the five-star limit--thank you!