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Storimõd's mission is to make augmented reality gaming accessible to everyone by providing features that link all players regardless of time, location, or mobility status.
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Games Free T Larkin iPhone, iPad, iPod

With our social network we open dialogue for users in a space where they know other trainers will actively engage with them. You can even share your progress on your other social networks.

We also have Battlemõd, the unofficial first real-time PvP engine for this popular augmented reality game. It is in it's very beginning phases, but easily provides hours of nostalgic fun after you get done hunting in the real world.

Battlemõd is our effort to let all players enjoy the game. We think there are a lot of players left out of the action, and we are here to make sure everybody is able to have meaningful experiences with this amazing game.

Legal Disclaimer: Storimõd is in no way associated with or endorsed by Niantic, Nintendo or The Pokémon Company. Pokémon GO is a registered trademark of Nintendo.


Weird bug

I am an IOS user and I'm having a little problem. I took a screenshot of my Vaporeon Pokémon and it showed up as a Jolteon Pokémon. I don't know why it does this. I tried again with my Dragonite and it turned into a Mewtwo which isn't even in the game right now.


Love this app! Makes playing Pokémon go fun again!!


I seen the videos and they don't got one to now on iPhone and I want to get to serveing

Nothing is happening/ more review below

Seems like the app is deserted no user anymore, I actually waited for this app to come out on iOS At first I thought people don't play this game anymore but people still do it's fun and all but I think it's missing a couple features in iOS and I can't get notifications, it'd be fun if people get nofications so they could battle quickly all in all I give this game 3/5

No Pokémon

I tried to upload my pokemon but it will not show up

Where's my team?

Waited for this to come to iOS. When I finally get it, I upload my six favorite Pokémon and was told they would appear shortly (have confirmed that they are "supported" by the app). Over three days later and I still don't have them. Uninstalling.