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Stock Exchange Game Simulator

You will learn how to make money off financial quotes by playing it!
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It's an easy, free game with no registration or demo accounts needed. It is not just some simple simulator — you’ll be immersed in the real trading game!

The Stock Exchange Game is the only Economic Strategy game in the world, based on thousands of world events.

Analyze the financial news and its impact on quotes.
You won’t just guess when the price will fluctuate — you’ll know it precisely!

Millions of complex combinations make the game, where every step is unique.
Buy and sell on the world’s stock market. Earn as much as your courage allows you.

Try yourself in the role of a real trader!
Competent investments are guaranteed to pay off. The Stock Exchange Game has a unique management and level up system, which allows you to effectively use your knowledge and skills.

This is the game where you develop real-life knowledge. Here you can train your intelligence, memory and analytical processes. You will want to become a real trader!

This game will help you face stock trading without fear, learn about finances and investments, and prepare for real trading on Forex!

Game Features:
+ A unique gameplay experience
+ Based on the world’s complex economic model
+ Every step is unique and diverse
+ Completely Free
+ No registration needed
+ No Internet connection needed
+ Records tables of thousands of players around the world

“A speculator is a man who observes the future before it occurs.” – Bernard Baruch.





fix it bruh foreal

Stop forcing

Love it
this gams iz bs

Great game!!

Doesn’t even work!

I go into the game try to press start and guess what NOTHING HAPPENS!

Its ok.

There is some good info through the ( i ) buttons that help understand how the game works. Tutorial is to short to explain everything. I had to reset game few times because there is no guidance on what not to do or its game over when stock will not climb.


I haven’t even used the app and you’re already asking me to review it. Ridiculous!!!

done with evernote

Would help if there was some type of tutorial or even basic instructions.

It’s a scam

Absolute scam

iPad UI trash

Fix your IPad Ui