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State of Survival: Zombie War is free iOS app published by FunPlus International AG

Love the game


It’s a very nice game funny to play love this game




An idle game you pay to play as if it’s not. Ads do not reflect actual gameplay.


Everything takes time and resources to accomplish in game these can be bought accumulated through productivity tasks or collected slowly. The best way to collect resources is thieving/raiding through an unsaid mechanic of power point comparison for winning or losing. This might sound cool, but the most engaging part of the process is pressing that purchase button over and over. This halts progression if you haven’t payed your initial investment, because when you’re raised your troops die which you use to collect resources. As for the ads they depict a fantasy version of one of their randomized loot crate features. In reality it zooms in on some pixelated satellite image of a yard and overlays a 3d chest. As an idle game it would be one of the best only in isolation from other players but it’s an entirely multiplayer game.



Very fun



Good game love it

Fun game


Always something to do and the chat makes sure it’s never boring

Really fun

Cole the cornstar

I like it. I recommend it if you like zombie and base building games. Good graphics too



Actually a pretty good game

Fun game!


I downloaded it about an hour ago, and I can’t put my phone down! It’s so much fun, and the dialogue is amusing, lol. Definitely a must download.