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SSH Term Pro is the advanced and best SSH/Telnet Client app for your iOS devices
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Utilities $4.99 Jayanti Katariya iPhone, iPad, iPod

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● Main Features:

- Support multiple connections simultaneously

- Terminal Emulation with editor and all standard terminal features

- Support to Import privates in multiple formats (RSA, DSA, Putty) using iTunes Sharing, Import from other apps and Clipboard (Copy/Paste)

- Key (RSA) Generation, Sharing via email, Clipboard

- Options to choose user’s own and iOS builtIn fonts

- Options to fully configure Terminal like background, foreground, cursor colour selection

- Options to set Terminal size selection or auto resize terminal

- Pinch-To-Zoom Terminal screen

- Organise servers by group, easy to manage many servers

- Connect with any server which support with SSH2 or Telnet protocol using password or SSH Keys

- Application work in all orientations (portrait and landscape)

- Configure unlimited connection and save it for later easy use

- Supported almost all editors like Vi, vim, pico, nano and many more

- Easy to turn on/off option for auto scroll at cursor focus

- Configurable port like use non-standard port etc 2202 etc

- Extended keyboard (accessory keys) allow to extend built-in keyboard with your own keys with some fixed keys like Control, Tab, Alt, Esc, Up, Down, Left, Right and F1-12 Keys

- Quick to Connect and quick to disconnect from home screen

- Builtin Passcode features

- Active connection counts indicator at App Badge

- Local Notification alert when application about to terminate

- Recent section for Top 3 recently connected server, quick to reconnect

- Set initial command/script for each connection

- Fully External/Bluetooth Keyboard supports with special Keys (CTRL, ESC etc)

- Copy/Paste support and easy text selection with terminal screen

- Application works with GPRS, EDGE, 3G or WIFI Network

- Its universal binary so no need to buy 2 apps for iPhone and iPad

- For iOS 6.0 You need to use Wireless Keyboard Option Key as Control Key, "Control + [" As ESC Key


Garbage! Use to be better.

It even shows in the pictures that in works in midnight commander, but that has been broken for years. I’m getting tired of it crashing when I’m in the middle of something. Don’t waste your money.

Basic term program

Doesn’t have port forwarding as far as I can tell, which is a feature that makes ssh such a powerful utility. Sorry I paid for it, thought it was vSSH which does have port forwarding even in the free version but apparently is no longer on App Store. This app is overall a disappointment, certainly not worth the price being asked

Crashing regularly.... unusable

This has turned into a useless app after 2 years of use... EDIT: 4 years of using this app and it is still crashing regularly on an iPad Pro with everything updated. Looking elsewhere for a part time SSH backup as this is not stable enough for me to do anything longer than 10 minutes as it crashes mid workflow. ;-/ (Yes I use screen.)

Best of the lot
Chris Pike

Best ssh app I've found (e.g., the soft arrow keys work as expected) I would like to see soft page up/down keys as well.

Does what I need.

I just needed something in which to login and automatically run scripts. Works fine with Windows. I’ll be testing Linux soon.

Works Great!

An earlier version had problems with my iPhone 7 Plus running IOS 11, but the latest update works great! Key generation and management are convenient. App is rock solid on a long vi editing session! I’m using it accessing my embedded Linux IOT devices.

No ED25519 Key Support

Welcome to 2005, where RSA and DSA rule the world. Seriously guys, step it up!

It is not convenient to use.

The color of path cannot be changed, which is not suitable to my eyes. The keyboard is not customized to input signs such as /.

Crashing regularly.... unusable

This has turned into a useless app after 2 years of use...

iOS 8/iPhone 6+ Stay away

This has too many bugs currently.

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