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Spot The Difference: Find It

Do you think you have what it takes to be a skilled detective that can solve all the mysteries through observation?
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Then try your skills in this spy game, where you will be provided with images to find the difference between them.

Question is how fast your mind in finding the variances is because it can be quite challenging when you have been given a time limit. Four hundred levels and once downloaded, you can play them offline whenever and wherever you want. This challenging case solving game comes with the following features:

- Four hundred exciting levels.

- Sound FX, Vibrational effects, and music to build the hype and keep you going.

- Limited time, so complete the level in the given amount of time.

- Completing a level without using hints or lives will earn you extra stars.

- No need to unlock all the levels, simply download the game start enjoying.

Find the difference is all about discovering dissimilarities in two images. The perfect exercise for the brain to keep yourself worked up. It is one of those challenging games where your detective abilities are tested because if you want to pass a level with three stars, make sure you don't utilize the hints and lives and of course solve as fast as you can.

You are presented with forty levels, to begin with, and the rest are one tap away from downloading. Every age group can enjoy this challenging game either to pass the time or to keep their mind fit.


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