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Spice Live is a dating application, a reliable private one-to-one video chat real-time social software, where you can meet truly reliable friends, and you can also enjoy dinner, watch movies, sing, exercise, etc. With netizens. No longer alone in the middle of the night.
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We give priority to safe appointments, organize your favorite personal information in Spice Live, track your favorite personal information, take the initiative to watch videos (watch directly), interact directly, and control who can see your online status and location. Filter your preferences by love.
Have you ever been in a bad mood and no one around you can chat, where you can find friends, date or talk about things that are difficult to talk about
You don't need to use multiple dating apps, Spicelive is the only free dating app you need!
Our current users are mainly concentrated in Asia, China, Vietnam, India, etc. At that time, we were also continuously recruiting partners from other places.
Swipe, match, chat, and get ready to find the next mate. Whether you are looking for a leisure partner or a life travel partner, we will help people live their best lives by providing a fun, safe and relaxing way to meet your ideal partner.

VIP Subscription Agreement: h5.sprlivec.com/chatx-web/static/vipAgreement?type=2
Privacy Agreement: h5.sprlivec.com/chatx-web/static/zwProtocol?type=2

If you have any questions about the automatic renewal service, you can send an email to: [email protected] to get in touch with the Spice Live team. The Spice Live team will reply to you as soon as possible after receiving your comments/suggestions.


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