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Speed Snap takes the traditional game of snap and turbo charges it, making for an exciting and educational experience.
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Games $0.99 Darren Hitchman iPhone, iPad, iPod

• Different card and game types
• Fun new ways to play
• A variety of scoring options
• Game Center enabled
• Leaderboards and Achievements to show off your skills and;
• Skill level options to make for more evenly matched games

You can enjoy the game of snap again.

With Speed Snap, you can play:

• A Traditional version of the game where you match 'like' cards with 'like' cards.
• Sound versions where you match a picture to the sound for that picture, for example, the AnimalSound deck matches animal pictures to the sound that the animal makes
• Grouping Sets allow you to match pictures that can be grouped together. For example, in the Sports deck, you can match a basket ball with a basket ball hoop
• Question and Answers, where one card is the question and one card is the answer. For example using the Maths deck, you can match a 5+5 card with a 10 card

You can play:

• Single player. You versus the computer
• Multiplayer. You versus a friend using the same iPhone/iPod (2 player) or iPad (upto 4 players)
• Network.You versus another player via Game Center
• Leaderboards.Where you can check global Leaderboards for highscores and fast response times
• Achievements.Where you can see how you are progressing with your Achievements

Speed Snap features allow you to:

• Play with up to 2 (iphone) or 4 (iPad) players on the same device
• Play a networked game with 2 players using Game Center with support for
• Achievements
• Leaderboards for fastest swipe, tap and top score
• Play single player against the device
• When playing multiplayer on the same device, you can assign a skill level to any player. This allows for a more evenly matched game when adults are playing children, or when playing against the device

• Get Bonus points for fast snapping
• Get Bonus points for fast playing
• Choose different decks of cards
• Play "Traditional" , "Sound" ,"Grouping Sets" or "Question and Answer" versions of the game


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