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Games Free Juan Gabriel Salas iPhone, iPad, iPod

The oldies are coming back again! Do you remember the classic retro video game about spaceships invading the universe? Now you can enter the experience again in a 3D simulated environment, a universe full of dangers like alien spaceships, meteorites and a lot of more stuff!!

Improve your spaceship, make it faster and faster until you reach the speed of light! Grab coins as you go killing your enemies and get the record among your friends through Game Center! Would you be able to reach the top of the rankings?

Help yourself with the best power ups in the world to help you destroy the enemies:
- A supernova star that defeats all enemies near you!
- A magnet to attract all the coins in the screen to become richer faster and faster!
- A time stopper that will let you into a worm hole throughout the universe, stoping time and space and letting you beat down all the enemies!

Challenge your friends and play endlessly as long as you want and try to beat all the records of the universe! Join the allies right now and become the savior of the Universe!


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