Space Craft - Cube Exploration: Lite Mine & Build Reviews

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Space Craft - Cube Exploration: Lite Mine & Build is free iOS app published by PLAY COOL ZOMBIE SPORT GAMES SP Z O O

Very cool


i love it!!! It might be a rip off of minecraft but it's amazing! Although it would be cool if there was a way you could fly and sprint. It would be even better if there were hostile aliens and guns, just to make it more exciting. Nice ?

Cannot Save


I would actually like to give this app 5 stars. However, the save progress feature does not work if i generate a new world. It does work if you stay in the default world.

Space craft


Game for exploring but the game really needs a add story mode and survive mode with bosses so bad so please add these 2 modes in the game!!!!!

Something is missing

Scarredwolf 55

Survival mode,interactive blocks,weapons,more creatures

Not so good...


This would be the best game I played if everytime I wanted to change blocks I didn't have to watch a ad



Full version should be free

Game has potential

Rage is on

Many things could be added in the future, air tight rooms more items upgradeable armor multiplayer traveling to multiple planets in one game. So many things

Fix thing for real


The game keeps crashing when the world is loaded so please fix the crash for real


FaZe Puppit

This game crashes so much I can't play the freaking game


Socer gal ?

I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????