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Shoot enemies and kill them or you can use the barrier to show enemies' bullets and destroy them.
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Get more scores by killing enemies!
Destroy boss to open next stage.
--- HOW TO PLAY ---
Use joystick to control the player: both left and right, shoot or use barrier.
You can use barrier to show enemies bullets.
You can destroy enemies with the bullets shown which you will use..
Take items fast as you can.
Bullet item - increase your bullet in your bag,
Health item - restores 1 health unit for you.
Avoid to be hit by the bullet of enemies you don’t want to die.
When the time gauge is gone, the game is over.
in the mission mode, you can play just one stage. The bosses will appear so be careful and cautious
In the endless mode, you can go to stages in a row till your game is over.


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