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Sound Recorder & Editor - Voice Change.r With Audio Effect.s For Speech Transform.ation

Everybody wants to have fun, imitate different creatures and produce funny sounds! This is now much easier with Sound Recorder & Editor! You can say anything you like and in a few seconds your voice can become something completely else! Try out various audio effects offered in this app and enjoy modifying your voice or any other sound! Prank your fiends, speak like a chipmunk and become the funniest person around! With simple tools to record and edit your voice, every day can be so much fun! Start transforming your voice now – you will love it!
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Entertainment Free Ivan Milicevic iPhone, iPad, iPod

▶*◀ Change your voice recordings!
▶*◀ Tap to record the sound!
▶*◀ Edit the recordings and adjust their length!
▶*◀ Add funny and interesting effects!
▶*◀ Share with friends on social media sites!
▶*◀ Have fun using different options!

▶*◀ Transform your voice and wow everyone!

Sound Recorder & Editor is the perfect app to have if you want to record your voice and change it with awesome sound effects! Not only can you download it for free, but you can also use marvelous options for voice transformation! Best of all, it's very easy to use, and you can record, edit and save your modifications with several taps of your finger! You don't have to wait to see your friends so that you can show them your project – just share the final finished version with them online and laugh!

▶*◀ Make people laugh hard with funny audio effects!

Changing your voice does not require any special skills or tools! All you need is your phone and enough battery to last though all your modifications! This can be the perfect app when you want to liven up the mood or entertain people around you! Take it with you and you will make any event hilarious! People will be rolling on the floor laughing when they hear their transformed voice! There are enough effects to suit all wishes! So check it out and prepare for crazy fun!

▶*◀ Keep the funniest recordings to listen to them again!

If you are one of those people who search for interesting things online when they are bored, you can now have a personal companion that will never leave you indifferent! With our brand new Sound Recorder & Editor you will have the opportunity to brighten every second of your day! You can even save the transformed recordings to your device so that you can listen to them and play them to your friends even when you are not in a position to record anything! Jump at this chance and obtain your own voice changer!

You can download and use Sound Recorder & Editor completely free of charge. In the event that you want to use some other features, for example to remove the ads, payment is accessible through In-App purchase.


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