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"Sound Level Analyzer Lite" is a sound level meter app for iPhone.
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Utilities Free TOON,LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Available in variety of applications as the neighboring environmental noise measurement, audio system check, vehicle interior noise check, sound check of live events, and more.

This app can easily set the frequency weighting characteristic and the time weighting characteristic necessary for sound level meter, and appropriate sound level measurement is possible.

It also has the calibration function to adjust the microphone level for each device.

- Sound level measurement (dB): Leq (equivalent noise level), Lmin (minimum value), Lmax (maximum value), Lavg (time average equivalent noise level)
- Frequency weighting correction characteristics : A (for noise level meter), C (for sound level measurement), Z (no correction)
- Time weighting characteristics : Fast = 0.125 sec, Slow = 1.0 sec
- Calibration function : level correction value setting, -20 to +20dB
- Measurement time : 20 sec

- Live Sound
- Environmental noise measurement
- Installation of audio equipment
- Tuning of audio equipment
- Architectural acoustics
- Broadcast
- Device management

Example of the noise level situation:
- 130dB : Engine sound of Airplane
- 110dB : Horn of Car
- 100dB : Noise of passing train
- 90dB : In loud factory
- 80dB : In the train, Vacuum cleaner
- 70dB : Noisy office, Noisy street
- 60dB : Quiet Car, Normal conversation
- 50dB : Quiet office
- 40dB : In the library, Quiet residential area
- 30dB : Outskirts of midnight, Whisper
- 20dB : Sounds of rubbing leaves

At the time of the first access to Microphone and Photos after installing the app, you will be asked authorization to access them by the iOS system. If you have not enabled this setting, the app can not access them by privacy restrictions of the iOS system. Please enable the access permission on the iOS setting, "Settings > Privacy > Photos or Microphone".

The standard noise measurement range is 30-130 dBA, and even in a quiet room, the measured value is approximately 30 dBA. In any silent environment, it will not be measured with very low noise levels, such as 0 dBA.

The WHO has proven direct links between noise and health risks; tinnitus, sleep disturbance, stress, cognitive impairment, heart diseases and annoyance in general. Please check your environmental noise for your wellness.

Please visit our iOS App Support page for more information on this app.


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