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Tired of spending magic stones to revive yourself in Puzzle & Dragons dungeons? (´・_・`)
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Want to improve your orb manipulation skills and get extreme combos?

Solver for Puzzle & Dragons gives you the best solver for Puzzle & Dragons found on the app store. In 3 easy steps you get an optimized solution for any PAD board!

Customize the solver for your team by choosing your preferred orb colors.
Get the app now to improve your PAD skills and climb the ranks of one of today’s most popular games.

ヽ(´ー`)ノ This app is a must have for all Puzzle & Dragons users, you will not be disappointed!

1. Take a screen-shot of the orb-board in Puzzle & Dragons.
2. Open this app.
3. Follow the on-screen arrows to find the OPTIMAL path and get EXTREME COMBOS!!

- #1 Puzzle & Dragons solver on the app store!
- Set orb color preferences.
- Set strategy to get MASS ATTACK or recovery combos.
- Automatically detect the orb setup from screen-shot.
- Improves your orb matching skills.
- Double tap the board to reset.

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