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"It’s essentially a catalogue of your personal items that you can share with other Snupps users in order to get organizing advice, product recommendations, or pointers"- Vogue
"Snupps has created a community for their users to share, discuss and sell their uploaded gear, creating a buzzing ecosystem" – Sneaker Freaker
"If you're like me you have lots of things and stuff,…Snupps is a great way to organize those things" - Gizmodo
"a brilliant idea" – Marie Claire Italia
"(Lord) Scott Disick has a Snupps account. If that doesn't convince you that you need this app, I don't know what will." - Fashionista
"Snupps is a more organized Instagram or a personalized Pinterest" - Fung Bros

* Organize your collections by adding photos with details to virtual shelves
* Create public or private shelves to categorize your things
* Share and get feedback from the Snupps community
* Discover trending stuff such as fashion, sneakers, beauty and collectibles
* Keep up to date the latest posts from your network on your newsfeed
* With "Interests" groups, discover what collections are trending based on user feedback
* Tag items and friends to your images in "Snuppdates"
* Share your Snupps posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp

If you have any problems or suggestions please contact us at [email protected]


Best app
t h e g a m e

I am a hockey card collector and have thousands of cards and it makes it easy and fun for me to organize and sort my cards

Needs Work

Can't link eBay. 503 server error. Tried on 2 phones and iPad. Not even one explanation for this on this with extensive google searches . The FAQ itself fails to even mention this. Before even getting a chance to add items to my shelf, I had 2 followers that looks like Russian call girls. Really? Follow THIS!

Can’t Login

I initially logged in with FB and started my collection. I can’t login at all now and keep getting an “oops something went wrong” error. I get the same error if i try to sign up as a new user or even reset my pw. I’ve tried re-installing, so sad i’ve wasted any time with this terrible app.

Incredibly handy

I use this primarily to organize/catalog my model horses. It’s incredibly useful. I can keep track of what I have, all of their relevant information, and any show records. I use it for a number of other things as well, including labeling photos. I’m going blind and trying to upload and label photos while I can still see them so I can access them if I can’t see them anymore or if I’m having a migraine which is super awesome. I definitely recommend this app for anyone who has a collection to keep track of.

Where is my search bar??
bernie manders

I downloaded this app based on many recommendations from others to organize my nail stamping plates. But after I added multiple items including photos & descriptions and sorted them into shelves I realized I had no way to search...I reached out to those that had recommended the app and explained my issue. After several tries of re-downloading, deleting, adding more items, photos, shelves, etc...still no search bar. They even had me screenshot my app to show them & they shared screenshots of their app (which shows a search bar from their main page for their items) & the issue is still glaring! I DON’T HAVE A SEARCH BAR FOR MY ITEMS!! I have sent 2 emails & given “feedback” multiple times with no response! I also created a 2nd account, also tried downloading it on my iPad & a different model it’s not like I haven’t tried to remedy the issue. Sure wish I could use this app as intended!!

Was looking forever for an app like this!

So, this is actually the first review I’ve ever been compelled to write on here. This app is pretty great. I have so many items I’ve been wanting to catalog (collectibles, band merchandise, music, movies, games, vinyl, hats, autographed memorabilia, posters, you name it- everything!). I was debating for a while which collecting app to go with, so I took the plunge with Snupps and began investing my time organizing my collections. I have a long way to get through all my belongings, but I absolutely love this app. The shelves are easy to work with and customizable. I’m sticking with Snupps! The only suggestions I have, which I hope the developers consider are: 1. links to sell on Mercari and Grailed. Those selling websites are gaining traction for collectibles. 2. When adding a new item and taking a picture, having the ability to take all the pictures for that item at that moment rather than creating the listing first then going to “additional images”. That workflow would be more efficient for me. 3. Incorporating hashtags to easily find something in your own collection or discovering someone else’s item on the feed thru the hashtag. 4. For music, movies, and games with barcodes, being able to scan the barcode to quickly add the item with some prefilled details about the version scanned. Thank you for this application!!

Very dissatisfied

My son was very happy to get this app and now I his mother have had to delete it due to all the disgusting porn trash that he was receiving. He is a minor and shouldn’t have to see that garbage. I won’t be surprised if you don’t start loosing a lot more users over this.

Perfect for Numismatic coin collecting

I love this app. I have been using it for several years and see it grow in features that are awesome. It makes it super easy to manage my huge coin collection and have it available anywhere that you have access to data or wifi. I would love though if a feature were to be added to be able to have the capability to save your collection on current device for offline viewing. This is extremely convenient specially when you have a large collection that will take longer to load when using wifi. Please add this feature

used to love

used to love this app. about to delete it because I’m getting spammed with adult messages. I have reported every one to the developers but it keeps happening


I have a lot of collectibles and collections, and this is what I’ve been looking for!!! Thank you!!!