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Sky Dash Baby Panda : Bamboo Paradise Jump

Baby Panda has escaped the hunters and is now free to explore the world and have adventures. Explore several magical worlds with baby panda.
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Games Free Zdravka COPELAND iPhone, iPad, iPod

Collect money and cool prizes along the way. Unlock baby panda's super powers and race across the skies like a real super hero.


Don't bother

This is terrible. It could really be a fun game, I just don't really get a chance to play it since ads pop up constantly. More often then not, an ad will pop up, block the screen while I'm playing, I'll hit "x" to close it and another one will be right behind it. The game doesn't pause when this happens and I can't seem to make any headway. I never write reviews but this was so terrible I wanted to save everyone the 60 second download time. It's not worth it.

To many ads

Great games if there wasn't and ads every 5 seconds

Bad game
Nikki Home

It would have been a really fun game but an add pops up every 2sec. If I were a 4 year old I would HATE this game so that's the only thing I would change

Don't even think about it

I hate this game cause there are way! To any ads they pop up every time you do a level ! Plus the game is BORING!

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