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Shuriken Challninja

- Retro style game.(Dot,Pixel)
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Games Free DAE HWAN KIM iPhone, iPad, iPod

- Simple control, hardcore difficulty.
- If you reach a certain number of points then ninja's clothes changes beautifully
(change to gold ninja!)

5point : Muffler
10point : Spaulder
15point : Big ponytail
20point : Mask
30point : Helmet
40point : Red Clothes
50point : Gold Muffler
60point : Gold Spaulder
70point : Gold Ponytail
80point : Gold Mask
90point : Gold Helmet
100point: Gold Clothes
150point: Gold Sword

*************** Introduction ***************

Clumsy newbie the ninja challenges a difficult task again today.
It is called "CHALLNINJA".
If you want a game which is simple,difficult, and addictive ...
If you want to have the fighting spirit to win...
Download right now! All Free.

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************ How to play ************

- Defend a flying Shuriken all around by brandishing.
- When you touch the screen, change the direction of sword swing.
- When you block on Shuriken, you will get a point.
- If the ninja does it perfectly, you will get 2 points.
- If you hit on Shuriken then game is over!



This is a awesome game

This game rocks

I love this game it has no adds well almost sorry you only got 2coments I love this game

Simpleton's Rule!

Wish I could give this stupidly, mindless game with no use what so ever a ZERO! You will love this game because you have an IQ of one. I fell into this category for about 5 minutes! My head still hurts! Save your time and get something more challenging than this game made for two year olds or morons. Which one are you? Oh, sorry, two year olds can't read or write well yet.

Fun and challenging
Popo is fire

My style

Great game!

It great but simple time killer like flappy bird tower defense ect. Point is if your bored this is where you go simple good and not agitating like most time killers

Developers please read!!!

Well the whole overall concept of the game is really great but just a few things to make it a five star. First of all there is only one level or lets say background in the entire game and that would made it kinda boring if it wasn't cause of the great gameplay so please add a few backgrounds to unlock or to purchase. Second of all, add something like a "three lives" thing where you don't die until you get hit three times or something. Also when we score higher points we unlock gear like helmet, armor, swords and ... but these stuff get automatically equipped on our ninja and they are not optional to removed or change, make that editable so that we can choose what items to equip our ninja with out of the items we have unlocked. Also creat a little more items. Also another suggestion is to creat a combo thing with the hits. See when you hit a shuriken star after it gets really close to you, it makes a different sound and also a red glare off the sword so you know it was a really close call, there could be a combo or a combo-meter starting every time we make these kinda hits and if we for example do five close hits, we have done five combos which could be challenging for top scores and all. These were my suggestions for a five star app. Thanks


Too cool!!!! More levels is needed and perhaps one giant ninja game can be created incorporating all these challenges? But still so awesome!!

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