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Shark Hunting - 2017

Let’s begin the underwater adventures with the angry shark! Rush into the sea and experience the ultimate shark simulation and attack on everyone!
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Games Free Uzma Yang iPhone, iPad, iPod

You are a ravenous sea wild shark come to terrorize waters. Shark swimming through seabed’s and coral reefs with petrifying eyes and teeth as sharp just like knives! The most importantly, follow your instinct and hunt the other shark and other sea creature.

Your field of choice is not limited under water but is vast on the beach to attack on humans which taking sunbath at beach.

• Aquatic environments
• Different Missions packed with Hunting Thrill
• Multiple Shark
• Easy & Addictive gameplay
• Real water physics
• Beautifully crafted 3D graphics
• Awesome Visuals and sound Effects of game


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