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Shark Crisis!

Introducing a new game in the "Kuma the Bear" series! A fun and easy-to-play game for everyone!
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Games Free COLOPL, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

With just one finger you can enjoy our new swimming action game, "Shark Crisis!".
Control the swimming stick figure, and let him swim away unharmed from the shark approaching from behind.

All of a sudden you are being chased by a shark!
There are so many obstacles in the sea. The sea anemone that hurts when you touch it, the blowfish that attacks you with full force, the squid that pops out of nowhere....
If you touch them, you will lose speed and the shark will catch up!

Operating is super simple!
・Tap the screen to swim up
・Take your finger off the screen to swim down
・That's it! If you ride a water current, you will suddenly accelerate and be able to outrun the shark!
If you manage to get a hold of one of the dolphins that appear from time to time, you will move forward even further!

As the game continues, the shark gains more and more speed!
Swim as fast as you can while avoiding obstacles!
How far can you escape?

Highlights of "Shark Crisis!"
◆Very easy to play - just tap the screen!
◆The thrill of being chased by a shark!
◆Keep playing and you'll be a pro in no time! Invite your friends and see who can go the farthest!

- COLOPL, Inc. -


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