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Share Player is a high-end network file browser for iOS.
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Productivity $4.99 Paical, Y.K. iPhone, iPad, iPod

You can access to watch video and pictures on your NAS and computers without downloading.


• File Browser
- Access file sharing server. (supports AFP, SMB2 and 1, DLNA protocols)
- Find file sharing server automatically. (by Bonjour, NetBIOS protocols)
- Open any files in file sharing servers directly like streaming.
- Open any files contained archive files including nested archive files. (Some files such as big file size might take long time to process).
- Stack folder as virtual temporary space.
- Bluetooth or Wi-Fi file sharing with other devices that has this app.
- Thumbnail icons.
-Supports DropBox, and Google Drive. (Read-only in current version, but will be able to upload in future versions).
- Movie thumbnails list generator.

• Archiving and Unarchiving
- Archiving zip, and 7zip formats.
- Encrypt archives by password.
- Unarchiving zip, rar, lzh, 7z, and more formats.
- Decrypt by passwords and memorizing option.

• Media Player
- Supports various formats including not eligible formats for iOS devices such as h264-hi10p, wmv, asf, mkv, ogv, ts, wma, ogg, flac, ape, and more.
- Fastest hardware de-interlacing function.
- Supports DVD and Blu-ray disk image files.
- Determine hardware decoding automatically without depending on containers.
- Subtitles.
- Switch multi-audio and multi-subtitles.
- Cross-fade music.

• Image Viewer
- Double page.
- Thumbnails list.
- View archived images.
- Look-ahead and effective image caching system.

*In OS X Yosemite, the SMB1 server does not support NTLM Secure Login method. so please use AFP for connecting your OS X Yosemite mac until we supports SMB2 or SMB3.*

We really appreciate you to send us anything about this app such as question, request, and bug report.


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