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Sharalike - Slideshow is free iOS app published by AVINCEL GROUP, INC.,

The app is messed up BAD


All my albums play with the music but the pictures are no longer available. Very upsetting.



My Spotify music is not connecting

Can't login

Cindy Abney

I have used Sharalike for several years on my iPad. I decided to install app on my cellphone. Now I can't login to Sharalike on my iPad or phone. I clicked new password and I was suppose to receive an email with new password. I've tried two different times and I don't receive any emails to help me. I had several videos I made saved and now can't access any of them. Any suggestions???????

Nice app but a real let down - can't save!

Geronomo III

Boy, I was very excited when I first saw and played this app. Very nice graphics. However, I’m very disappointed that you cannot save to your camera roll. I don’t understand why this is not allowed! I’m terribly disappointed because otherwise this looks like a very nice program. You can email or text your slideshow but you cannot save it to your camera roll. This makes this app totally worthless to me at this time. If anyone does know how to save to the camera roll please let me know. Many thanks and good luck to all!



Great options, fast and super user friendly...Thank you!!!

Great app

cc the BeSt

Wonderful app. I was able to create a great slide show for my daughter's 18th birthday. It has music too!!!


Saad Zaki

It's amazing

Awesome App

Alamgir Farhad

I love this app as it has awesome feature to convert the images into slideshow.



Great app!!!!