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Preschool educational games for children from 2 to 5 years old.
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Our app contains 15 educational activities for children that will allow them to learn while playing. These kids games will help boys and girls develop logic, memory, attention, visual perception, fine motor and creative skills.
Babies will face exciting training tasks and jigsaw puzzles.

These learning games will suit both girls and boys in different age groups.

Games for children 2-3 years old:
- Colors. Arrange objects correctly by color. Develops attention and fine motor skills.
- Dimensions. Put the food in the correct size bowl. The game helps to develop visual perception and attention.
- Forms. Fix the sofa by placing the patches correctly in shape and color. Game teaches simple geometric shapes.
- Attention. Feed the animals the food they want. Game for infants with cute animals and colorful animations.
- Memory. Clean the room by transferring items to their places. Children's games to develop memory.

Games for children 3-4 years old:
- Shapes. Sort gifts based on their shape. We learn the simplest geometric shapes – square, circle and triangle!
- Motor Skills. Decorate the room by placing items in the right places. Shapes and colors for babies.
- Numbers. Arrange candies on the tables by number. Learning numbers with children – the game teaches numbers from 1 to 3.
- Logic. Divide items into two categories – for bathroom and kitchen.
- Classification. Place birds and fish in the desired habitat.

Games for children 4-5 years old:
- Applications. Create paper applications by sticking pieces of paper in the right places.
- Jigsaw Puzzles. Fill the fridge with food by moving the food to the right location in silhouette.
- Sorting. Arrange items in the right order and size – from large to small.
- Pairs. Find and connect two items fitting together.
- Matches. Hang your clothes in the correct color wardrobes.

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