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Relive the string art crafting craze of the 1970's with your family on the glorious retina display of your iPad! A great app to show off the graphical power of your iPad using a state of the art 21st touch sensitive interface designed from the ground up.
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Entertainment Free Douglas J Farmer iPad

The free version includes 3 string art shapes:

- Two line
- Square
- Circle

Each shape can be crafted into an infinity of sizes, shapes and colors:

- Change the number of strings/lines each shape uses.
- Change the start and end colors of the virtual thread.
- Change the location of the end points (lines), corners (squares) and center (circle).

Save photos of your creations and share them with family and friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Built in help for parents to help kids or kids to help parents.

Expansion packs including holiday bundles are on the way!


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