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You can never have too many options to choose from! In this newest, biggest title, we provide you with over 100 romantic stories with 10 hunks as your options. Every one of those guys move vividly to whisper the sweetest words of love to you -- you will love the movie clips in ALL endings! Now jump into the wonderful world of Sengoku Darling, brought to you by the #1 choice dating sim series “Shall we date?”, with 22 MILLION downloads by Otome game lovers worldwide!
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Entertainment Free NTT Solmare iPhone, iPad, iPod

▽The Story▽
It is the war-torn era in Japan where a fateful battle is about to begin.
The fate of your province is given in to your hands by your father, who is laid up with illness, for you are the princess.
You make your way to Kyoto along with your guard, Kojiro Sasaki, to take stock of the situation.

That journey leads you to meeting with famous warlords.

You’re unfamiliar with living outside the castle. However, you learn about the people surrounding you, and as you slowly get to know them...
You find yourself falling in love with one of the warlords.

▽The Characters▽
▽Shingen Takeda 【Assertive but Doting】 - perfectionist statesman
“Stop your chattering and attack already.”

▽Kagetora Nagao 【Clever and Charismatic】 - undefeated man of honor
“I love you. How could that be?”

▽Yukimura Sanada 【Yandere and Twisted】 - tender strategist of Kai
“You have always been very special to me.”

▽Keiji Maeda 【Cheerful and Big-hearted】 - the most eccentric man of all
“You make me feel like I’m invincible.”

▽Kanetsugu Naoe 【Earnest and Devoted】 - loving warrior
“I wish to see you out under the bright sun, smiling like a flower.”

▽Sasuke Sarutobi 【Tsundere but Gentle】 - one of the Ten Braves
“Obviously I'm gonna notice you. I'm a ninja.”

▽Saizo Kirigakure 【Calm and Fascinating】 - leader of the Ten Braves
“No grave waits for us. My life is yours.”

▽Sadamitsu Usami 【Genius and Dependable】 - silent strategist of Echigo
“Relax, and enjoy your stay in Echigo.”

▽Masanobu Kosaka 【Beautiful and Popular】 - Shingen’s right hand man
“You haven't forgotten, have you? I promised to protect you.”

▽Kagekatsu Nagao 【Loyal and Reserved】 - Kagetora's adopted son
“Please, stay a while if you can.”

- FREE prologue and story highlights will give you more than enough ideas on picking your favorite guy!
- Your one and only samurai will move around on your screen! Try tapping the character on Home.
- Not one, not two, but TEN characters will share sweet moments with you! More stories are waiting to be released, adding up to a total of 100+ stories -- stay tuned for release dates!
- ALL ENDINGS get a movie! Those endings will change depending on how intimate you get with your guy. Explore and get close to him!
- No restrictions! Now you can freely choose which chapter you want to read from. You can reset your Love Meter any time too, so enjoy your stories as many times as you like to complete all endings!!
- Lots of things to dig in other than the story! You’ll never get bored, with our Secret Talk and Love Match features!

- like Japanese manga or anime
- like samurai or Japanese history
- love to experience romantic, moving, love stories -- whether in real life or in media!
- want to find your destined lover

▽About Us▽
NTT Solmare is a Japanese company based in Osaka, Japan. We strive to make the best dating simulation apps for adults. Our Otome dating sims are free! If you like romance novels, visual novels, cute guys, or anime, then we think that you will love our games! Our Shall We Date? series have over 22 million downloads!! So download one of our free romance games today, and find out why our dating games are so popular!


Wasn't impressed

I've gotten through one full story already, and honestly, it was so quick and boring that I almost didn't even finish it. There was practically no conflict, the entire story felt like the filler product in a longer game. The timeline this all happens through is also very vague and it rockets through the relationship so fast. It could have been the story I chose, but I was so nonplussed that I'm not looking forward to anyone else. The developer seems so obsessed with quantity over quality on this title that I don't look forward to anything else for this game.

Loved it!

I loved the stories I've read so far. They seem to be n the shorter side, but I found the characters and plot interesting. It doesn't get "super deep" plot wise, but it's fun and enjoyable. At least, for me it was. I was in the mood for something without Massive Amounts Of Drama. My favorite character is Shingen Takeda. <3


Well I already love this game so much I read all the main stories in one day!!! And I like that it didn't take as much effort for me to get the ending I wanted. Thanks to the developers and writers of this game alike for a wonderful series!

Romance vs Drama ... Short vs Long

I enjoyed it. It was a nice change from the " usual " stories. These are stories about the " love " between the characters instead of the drama of the era; with love, on the side.

Can't even open app??

Downloaded the app and get nothing but a white screen ????. Really was wanting to play this.... please fix issue never have been able to play it yet.

A nice sweet otome
Kitty socks

I love the otome games that are long and drama filled but sometimes I need one that is a little shorter and sweeter. One that is just a nice, sweet, and romantic read. This game does that for me and I have enjoyed all four stories that I have bought so far. Also, while it is a little short it doesn't even come close to how short "Teen Samurai" was. In fact, it is a huge improvement from that otome.

Stop with the coin system

I downloaded this ready to buy a route or to and try it out. BUT then I saw that I cannot just buy routes I have to get coins then buy a route NO NOPE ?!!!!!! Not spending money on this app. And it takes almost a gig in memory space so going to delete this app

Too expensive

These paid apps are starting to look the same..very little romance and too much filler dialogue. 60$$$ is too much for all fluff and no substance!!! Shame on you shall we date for offering this for that price. .99 per story is what this is worth if even that.


I love all the story plot:)


Yeah, so... why is this on my purchased list? I didn't even know about this game...?