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The 2016 Motul FIM Superbike World Championship has a new contender and that is YOU: the SBK Official Mobile Game is back and now totally FREE TO PLAY!
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Experience the thrill of handling a 200 HP beast, speeding through the most challenging race tracks in the world: Aprilia, Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati, MV Agusta, BMW or Yamaha… the choice is yours!
Compete against reigning Champion Jonathan Rea and other real SBK riders, climb the leaderboards, challenge your friends or measure your riding skills in the new Test Ride mode to earn yourself a game-changing reward.

Feast your eyes on realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting effects and go wild with as many as 10 different control options - including motion, virtual joystick and mobile game pad.
Discover the new game physics and push it to the limit until you hear the screech of tires skidding on tarmac as the rear wheel loses traction and you fight to regain control of your bike.

Step up the challenge and become the new Superbike World Champion: ride your way to victory in the fastest lane of all!


- 13 rounds set on 4 continents, including the new German circuit of Lausitz
- 24 star riders from an international roster, including former world champions Tom Sykes and Sylvain Guintoli
- 5 game modes, including Championship, Quick Race, Challenge, Time Attack and Test Ride, where you take on a series of trials to prove your skills and unlock premium features
- Take the rider’s seat with the new cockpit view
- Enjoy gaming to its fullest with a MFi controller
- Take advantage of 3D Touch to jump right into a Quick Race from your Home screen


SBK16 was developed in conjunction with Dorna WSBK Organization to ensure an accurate representation of the white-knuckle SUPERBIKE RACING style and offer the most realistic motorcycle racing experience on iOS.

Although SBK16 is totally free to play, the game also provides for a PREMIUM gaming experience, allowing you to:
1. Remove advertisements
2. Get additional Challenges
3. Back up and synch your savegame files across multiple devices
You can unlock the above premium features through an optional in-app purchase OR you can earn them by beating the new Test Ride mode.

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Good game
myo san

I like game

Fantastic (just fix first person view!)

It feels like an iOS port of the Milestone MotoGP or Ride games on PC/console, no comparison from anything else on the app store by a long shot. The ONE gripe I have is that first person view is completely wonky. It looks awesome, but when you lean the helmet twists as though the rider just broke their neck. Devs, please make the helmet stay flat so it’s not so disorienting to play in first person.

Awesome! But...

This game is really great! It may not be close to real riding but overall, gameplay is great. I have one small issue, the ads I get cannot be skipped, and they’re about 30 seconds. It’s faster to just reopen the game instead of watching the ad, but I understand you need to get money somehow.

Even runs on an 4S!

I enjoy this game even if it's not up to date, would love a 2020 version it's fun looks great sounds great, also challenging. Runs great on my iPod touch 7 and iPad mini 5, test any game I can on my old phone the 4S and it's awesome seeing it holds up very well. Lastly on the 2nd gen SE it's great.

Andrew Coll

This game is the worst game I have every in my life played. The AI drivers can’t drive and make me lose and also the graphics and everything about this game is trash. I recommend is to nobody. I’d rather you not download this game and find something else because this game is nowhere near good everything about it is trash everything

Wortheless game
Mademoiselle Victoire

First person mode impossible to handle... - It’s a motorcycle not tilting saucer!!! Plus helmet view interferes with visibility of the track. Handling itself while turning is buggy; keeps taking you out of track. Grid girls keep appearing after each race are annoying; must be removed!!! Plus if it’s free game then why on earth there’re adds after each race??? And at the end it’s 2020; time to upgrade into SBK20 and SBK21!!! There’re plenty of car racing games out there... - It’s a shame that there’s not a single good motorcycle racing game!!!

Still love it in 2021

Great game, better than the newer versions! Glad I was able to reload this 2016 version. Thanks!

Very awesome

Where you guys been we want a perfect Abkhazia or MotoGP game so I just saying where y’all been doing?


Such a Awesome realistic bike racing game in appstore or in whatever


The ads that don’t skip are taking up too much time I’m considering to uninstall the app